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Deliverable number Deliverable title Nature Dissemination level Due date
1 Public web site Other Public April 2008
2 Lessons in 'Designing for tussle' from case studies Report Public May 2008
3 Initial overall architecture Report Public August 2008
4 Design space analysis for reachability:approaches to routing, locator-identifier resolution and multiple path exposure. Report Public December 2008
5 Design space analysis for resource control, including an information model Report Public December 2008
6 Public record of scientific workshop - ReArch08 Other Public December 2008
7 Final overall architecture, including design principles Report Public June 2009
8 Progress on reachability (routing and multi-homing) Report Public December 2009
9 Progress on resource control Report Public December 2009
10 Initial evaluation of social and commercial control progress Report Public December 2009
  Appendix to D10      
11 Public record of ‘Summer school’ held sometime during Year 2 Other Public December 2009
12 Final report on reachability, including routing, multihoming and traffic filtering, and evaluation of performance Report Public December 2010
13 Final report on resource control, including implementation report on prototype and evaluation of algorithms Report Public December 2010
14 Final evaluation of social and commercial control, including results from Internal and External evaluation Report Public December 2010
15 Trilogy and the IETF Other Public December 2010
16 Public record of ‘industry workshop’ held sometime during Year 3 Other Public December 2010
17 & 18 The impact of Trilogy Report Public July 2011